My name is Tender Forever and if I’m weird I want to share.

30 07 2008


Hey, what’s going on when I feel you in my bones should I die or should I laugh is it fun or is it harsh. People told me you’re too sexy, you’re too sexy for me but actually I don’t care, I think it’s bullshit everywhere.

Maybe I’m weird but actually I just don’t care and if I’m weird I want to share.

Thanks Melanie Valera,



THIS is a library.

30 07 2008
Children's section desk

Children's section desk

The Seattle Public Library is a wonderful building. But it is also a fantastic library. The children’s section amazed me. The idea of packing books in plastic boxes to borrow from the library is really great.

Boxes to lend for toddlers.

Boxes to lend for toddlers.

Great idea!!

Great idea!!

Do I suffer from Zelig-like Syndrome?

26 07 2008
The humam chameleon as a native american

The human chameleon as a native american

Recently, it was the 25th anniversary of Zelig, the wonderful Woody Allen’s movie (1,2). Zelig character’s amazing behaviour seems to have been diagnosed in an single actual mental disorder patient, according to an article published in 2007. Am I an undiagnosed case? Or is it that all of us, and mainly observers by nature are a little (or a lot) Zelig-like?

Down(by )l(aw)oads.

25 07 2008

Article on UK Government measures to reduce a part of internet filesharing by 80%.

Oceans, seas and bathtubs…and some fun

25 07 2008

Sometimes inner seas are much complicated to deal with than oceans. They’re so well known that sometimes you don’t realize that there’s something one or more of the sailors is missing… someone’s got to find it or the sea will become a bathtub… a nice container without mistery, just fresh water, lacking the wonderful taste of salt.

Sometimes seas have a proper balance of calm, waves and tides with solid salted foundations. Sometimes they are salty forever.


Anyway, as Krahe said “no todo va a ser follar”, el mar da para mucho 🙂

Love to all of you.

Patients, Doctors & Payment Schemes: Fee per transaction is not a good idea

24 07 2008

Interesting and simple article in the NY Times on how the payment scheme can strongly affect the way doctors relate with their patients.

The Knight is really a dark one. Got to see new Batman’s film.

22 07 2008
Gosh, if I liked men, I'd dream with this guy
Gosh, if I liked men, I’d dream with this guy

It seems that the man behind the knight is as dark as any other human being and can run into disgusting domestic issues. Bale is a great actor and it seems that the main characters he has played until know can reflect the utmost expression of a conflictive and interesting personality.