28 09 2008

Silence, absolute silence. Apnea…

Suddenly, a deep strong inhalation… phaaahhhhhhhh! I open my eyes. Confusion. No, it’s not a hotel room, it is home but I don’t feel like it.

Silence, absolute silence. Alone in bed. No kids making noise. Not even her, typing on her laptop, like distant ants marching in the living room. With bated breath I wait.

I count the seconds until the moment comes… still.


Not in the mood.

22 09 2008

Today I attended a summit devoted to organise a new strategy to conquer the world. During breaks warriors spoke about whores, captains killing colleagues to become generals and similar conspiration rumours. I’m not sad, I do not feel it is an obnoxious thing, conquerors have been always there and are like this.

But I’m not in the mood. I better pack my little suitcase and go growing potatoes in the countryside. Even if there’s no internet in the area. Growing potatoes and singing loud to the clouds. I have to convince my people, but it will come.

Non native. When Alien meets your heart.

19 09 2008

It’s so strange when you feel that a foreign language allows you to express yourself more truthfully than your mother language. Moreover when it is not even your second language but the third… or even less.

Sometimes this alien language detaches you from any constraint, from any load you carry with you and represents your tradition. Valuable for building upon it, but horrible when it plays the role of chains.

That’s why I’m eager to learn other ways of expressing myself, even to the risk of departing with no return.


18 09 2008

Sculptural animals, curvy goddesses
Perfect blondes

Laser blades
coming out of your mouth
memories of your smile
kill me

Dual citizenship

15 09 2008

Main land, distant islands
Oil rigs, cargo ships
docking in unknown shores
One after another
Willing to get stranded and rest in peace


13 09 2008

me das tanto dolor
y tanta calma
que despierto por los pasillos
a veces flores a veces
sólo espanto

me das tanto dolor
y tanta calma
que ansío que termine
y no veo el momento
de encontrarte de nuevo
con tu arsenal de cuchillos afilados

me das tanto dolor
y tanta calma


12 09 2008

sometimes I’d like us
to behave as wolves
sniffing the air
staring at each other
for two infinite seconds and
run after our prey
like two serial killers
siblings and lovers
at a time