Hack the secret code. Encrypted subtractions of a 5 years old.

31 10 2008

Today León stayed at home and in the afternoon he took a new exercise book to have some fun…. but it was too easy. Subtractions of 1 and 2.

He’s currently reading on his own a 377 pages long children’s novel named Geronimo Stilton nel Regno della Fantasia, where a secret  code is used in quite a few pages. So, after a few computations he decided to use it.

These are the two pages he did. Notice that he wrote a note in clear Italian on the first one, telling that the secret code had been used.


But he also wrote another one on the second page, already encrypted. ¿Volunteers to hack it, the numbers of course, but also the letters if the note in the second page 🙂 ? Here it is a cropped zoom, remember it is in Italian and there was not to much space to write. A hint: similar message to the first non-encrypted code, and also when he has not too much space, he separates words using a hyphen

PS: It’s quite hard and time consuming writing all this with my left hand… Yesterday I had an accident while riding the Vespa back home (ambulance, immobilization, ER and all that stuff, but no broken bones in the end) and my neck, shoulders and my right arm are hurting quite persistently. However, Valium is working great.


Stray dog

27 10 2008

i have left
other buildings already
ashes behind
pure dust
no sorrow

bringing some food
from the outside
cuddling the cubs
curling up
on the bed

wandering from room
to room
stray dog in my own house
until I feel the call
of the wild

Old memories I. Smoke. Los niños del flor.

24 10 2008


I did not smoke
until that very moment
but she did
and we were talking all through the night
at los niños del flor
having black coffee and smoking

It’s no longer a cafeteria
now it’s a kitchen design store

British Bacon

20 10 2008

with CC license, by bananeman (http://www.flickr.com/photos/bananeman/)

I’ll have my Bacon (November 21st)


16 10 2008

count to one thousand
want to get up as others do
hold on
I’m down? serve yourself is the rule
you’re down? provide as needed is the rule

patience is a form of action
patience is a weapon a
honed day by day

The Dirty Dozen (11+1)

12 10 2008

Some days ago I had lunch with eleven grown up men. Me, an almost -in less than a month- forty guy, I was a youngster in that context. Among them all differences due to political issues, personal interests (money, family, politics, ambitions) were erased for some hours. Cooking, enjoying food, old and new stories were welcomed as if they all were brothers. Main subjects were walking in the country side, liquors made by Benedictine monks in the Monastery of Leire, or the wonderful flamenco performance they saw last week.

I’ll meet them again in about a month and I’ll cook for them Pulpo alla Luciana. Let Dionysus and Qeri Awicha be with me.

More than this

10 10 2008

te escurres por fisuras
que se abren en mi vida
por los hago-un-café
por los amaneceres
y aun así quedan posos que te llaman a gritos

qué me queda de tí
hasta dónde he tenido de verdad tu mirada
desde cuándo he pasado de ser
lector devorador a vender palomitas
como en los intermedios que antes había en el cine

¿comprar un billete de ida
a tu nombre o el mío o
un par de ida y vuelta a dos sueños distintos
y reencontrarnos en Itaca
con los cuerpos partidos
mitad Penélopes y mitad Odiseos?

you slip away through fissures
opened up in my life
through the “i’ll-make-some-coffee”s
through cascading daybreaks
and still dregs remain in full cry calling you

what do I have of you left
how deep did I really had your gaze
how long since I shifted from
devouring reader to selling popcorn
like those men during breaks in old movie theaters

buy a one way ticket
in your name or mine or
a couple of round trips to two different dreams
and come together in Ithaca
with our bodies broken
half Penelopes and half Odysseuses?