Maybe Ulysses did not want to come back

1 10 2008
Les fesses de BB

Les fesses de BB

From time to time I use to browse through Rafa’s blog. I never had put too much attention on the header image, but today it suddenly drilled deep into my brain and I saw “les fesses de BB” -et mes fesses, tu les trouves belles mes fesses?, said Camille in Jean Luc Godard’s “Le Mèpris“-. Rafa, you don’t have it among your postcards, do you? At least Adalberto Libera is not in the architects list in the right column. I’m sure this is because you have not still found a postcard with a picture of the summer house on it.

the stairs (i)

the stairs (i)

Comments in Postales Inventadas/Making Up Postcards are not active, so I had to make up this post (thanks Rafa, I was in a kind of mental barren state) in my own blog.

the stairs (ii)

the stairs (ii)

So I began a chase after images of the Villa Malaparte, the film and the iconic BB, Piccoli and Palance in the film. I stole them all as I stole the title of this post (thanks, merdinhas and others for providing the material).

the livingroom

the livingroom

And yes, sometimes it seems as if Ulysses (be him Joyceian or Homeric) was investing the most of himself to not come back.

the terrace

the terrace

And stay away… in an aeternal summer time

Wonderful summertime chats on the windowsill

Wonderful summertime chats on the windowsill




One response

2 10 2008
Rafael Cazorla

Thank you Juan.
I’ve just posted a postcard for you with my respond at
All the best.

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