solid state physics

2 06 2009

semiconductor: dícese del individuo que,
habiendo sido declarado apto en la prueba
teórica para la obtención del carné de conduc-
ción, aún no ha superado el examen práctico

la verdadera conexión
entre lo microscópico y mis manos
entre lo cuántico y la vida cotidiana
ha sido hallada ayer
ajena a la sesuda búsqueda
de los ingenios de la mesoscopía

al abrir el armario veintiséis
funciones de onda superpuestas
resístense al colapso,
como hermanas siamesas,
de la separación

y hasta el último instante
en que les doy la vuelta
a los que ya he elegido
por color y tamaño o
por mero designio del sueño que aún me invade
se mueven como huecos en semiconductores
del cajón a mi mano
y de ésta hacia el cajón
los agujeros cuánticos
grandes como garbanzos
del par de calcetines


Hack the secret code. Encrypted subtractions of a 5 years old.

31 10 2008

Today León stayed at home and in the afternoon he took a new exercise book to have some fun…. but it was too easy. Subtractions of 1 and 2.

He’s currently reading on his own a 377 pages long children’s novel named Geronimo Stilton nel Regno della Fantasia, where a secret  code is used in quite a few pages. So, after a few computations he decided to use it.

These are the two pages he did. Notice that he wrote a note in clear Italian on the first one, telling that the secret code had been used.


But he also wrote another one on the second page, already encrypted. ¿Volunteers to hack it, the numbers of course, but also the letters if the note in the second page 🙂 ? Here it is a cropped zoom, remember it is in Italian and there was not to much space to write. A hint: similar message to the first non-encrypted code, and also when he has not too much space, he separates words using a hyphen

PS: It’s quite hard and time consuming writing all this with my left hand… Yesterday I had an accident while riding the Vespa back home (ambulance, immobilization, ER and all that stuff, but no broken bones in the end) and my neck, shoulders and my right arm are hurting quite persistently. However, Valium is working great.

Barak Obama. The ellipse and the ellipsis.

8 07 2008
Center or focus?

Obama is being accused of moving towards the political center. And he says: “The people who say this apparently haven’t been listening to me…, and I must say some of this is my friends on the left”.

So he said some things somebody did not listen or he just passed by some details during the primaries. Funny how an ellipsis can either mislead or clarify and the reader/listener must rely on the good intentions of the writer/speaker who uses it.

If his “leftish” friends are right, this is no-good-at-all. In the case of U.S. being “centrist” means being “right-focused”, that is putting your center in the right focus of the political ellipse. Compared to the European arena Democrats were already in the center and Republicans are almost touching the right directrix of the ellipse.

So Obama, please, stay in the center of the ellipse.